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Creating a healthy and beautiful smile for your child means beginning a dental health care regimen at an early age. This includes routine visits to the dentist for checkups and cleanings, a healthy diet, and proper oral hygiene at home. However, preventing cavities and having healthy gums is only one part of the equation. A healthy, functional, and attractive smile requires teeth that are straight and jaws that are well aligned.

Assessing facial growth and dental development

At Fore Dental Care, we carefully monitor your child’s smile as they grow. From checking the emergence of the baby teeth, jaw development, and oral habits to the premature loss of a baby tooth and the eruption and alignment of the permanent teeth, we keep a close watch on your child’s developing smile. If orthodontic treatment is indicated, we’ll advise you of our recommendations for care.

When to begin care

Although most orthodontic treatment for children begins between the ages of 9 and 14, habits such as prolonged thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, and certain swallowing or breathing patterns can affect the bite, oral function, and jaw development. These issues

Likewise, if the upper jaw is too narrow, not developing in harmony with the lower jaw, the front top teeth protrude excessively, or sit behind the lower ones with the jaws closed, we may recommend a first phase of care. Since the baby teeth serve as placeholders for the permanent ones to follow, losing certain baby teeth prematurely can require space maintenance until the adult teeth are ready to erupt into place.

As skilled providers of care our goal is to help children establish good oral health and ensure a favorable environment for their developing smiles.

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Our goal is to help every patient experience the benefits of good oral health and a beautiful smile. We value the trust you have placed in our office and strive to provide solutions that meet your dental needs and expectations of care.



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