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Laser Dentistry

We have integrated the use of Diode Lasers for our hygienists and doctors. Diode lasers used in our office will be 940mm wavelengths. This is a very mild wavelength that will not harm or remove hard tissue.

We offer a procedure called Laser Bacterial Reduction. The goals and benefits of this treatment are:

  • Increase and improve periodontal health
  • Reduce the number of harmful bacteria below the gum tissue
  • Softens the calculus so that it is easier to remove
  • Improves gum health by decreasing bleeding and inflammation
  • Pre-rinses don’t affect bacteria within the pocket, but the laser will
  • Unlike the use of antibiotics there are no systemic affects and no allergies

The Other common uses for a diode laser are:

  • Treatment of cold sores and canker sores
  • Elimination and decrease of cold sensitivity at the gum line
  • Reduce inflammation and muscle soreness in the TMJ. (jaw joint)